Contact - swatershq@gmail.com


Hometown - Wigan // Manchester

Genre - Alt-Rock // Post-Britpop

Formed  - 2015 

Vocals & Guitar - Martyn Abbott

Bass - Chris Pearson 

Drums - Pat Whitney

Artist Bio

Shallow Waters are carving a sonic path through an unexplored landscape of tone, style and sound. They stand fast to their own principles and foundations of creativity, bring a much-needed sense of originality and innovativeness to the music scene. 


The band breathe in inspiration from their Northern predecessors such as The Verve, Oasis, Joy Division, The Stone Roses and The Smiths as well drawing influence from the Seattle grunge scene, favouring bands such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains & Soundgarden. Shallow Waters also soak in influence from their post-industrial hometown of Wigan, where grey clouds hang heavy over abandoned factory walls and once bustling markets stalls sit in silence. This melting pot of inspiration produces eclectic nonconformist anthems that speaks to the counter culture of today. 


Laced with a lustful tone and doused with a fiery Northern attitude. It's a tidal wave of sonic bliss rolling through a spiral of huge, smooth grooves. This three-piece innovate and captivate. It’s boneshaking, it’s raw and most of all it’s honest. Drawing strength from so many bands that have gone before them yet remaining unique. 


On stage is where Shallow Waters shine the brightest. This is a band that lives to perform. Giving everything and holding nothing back, their sets take you on a journey, from chest-pounding mountain tops to deep valleys dripping with psychedelic swells, mesmerizing the senses in a seductive allure leaving the audience hypnotized. Elevating their performances with improvisation and of the cuff jams really evokes the sense that you’re experiencing something completely unprecedented and unique. 


The band's studio work parallels the strength of their live performances. Shallow Waters strive to bring you their music as authentically as possible. No counterfeits, no gimmicks. It's artistic vision and expression in its most unadulterated form. Having an unquestionable connection with their music and each other, this is more than just a band, it’s a family. With a non-compromising attitude Shallow Waters invite you in. Buy the ticket, take the ride and find yourself immersed. 


Let Them Become A Part Of You

Reviews & Press

Louder Than War - "Their moody, atmospheric sound just gets better and better. This smouldering psych-rock just blows you away. They soared through the set; an immersive and powerful experience. It was hard to pick any stand-out tracks as they were all premium quality"

Silent Radio - "There’s an ocean of bands out there to get invested in, and this one just got added to the top of the list."

Ravenous Promotions - "Shallow Waters are channelling something primal, something as old as time but with that sweet, sweet allure"


Little Indie - “The Manchester trio exude spiralling desert grooves, crunching stoner tones, and howling guitars in a heavy duty, psych landscape.”

Northern Alive "The band ultimately pulled you into their dystopian-like world of fuzz and overdrive- I couldn’t get enough"