Ravenous Promotions

“There are some tracks that draw you back in, time and time again, and that can certainly be said of new single ‘Wake Up To What Is Real’ by Manchester Fuzz-Rock trio Shallow Waters. From the rumbling bass notes that begin this song with malevolence and unstoppable power to the power house drums that blast you from your feet, this track has something siren-like about it. With the baggy attitude of the Stone Roses, ManBreak or Kasabian swaggering through the vocals but riding atop a black dragon that sounds like Fu Manchu or Them Crooked Vultures, Shallow Waters are channelling something primal, something as old as time but with that sweet, sweet allure. I feel like four minutes spent in the sweaty, heaving, writhing presence of this track performed live might just be enough to cleanse the soul of the worst kind of person. Like, maybe a Tory. It’s just that powerful.”

Indie Buddie

“It’s a swagger soaked dizzying blast of desert grunge. Spiralling grooves crash against razor sharp fuzzed guitars creating a gritty rough and tumble track that assaults your senses. Laid back vocals howl over shredding guitar solos and pulverising drums. It’s a manic onslaught of instrumentation smoothed off in a sensual wave of psychedelia and doused in fiery attitude.”

Northen Alive

“Fashioning a sound which I found highly energetic and enticing, the band opened with Wake Up to What Is Real– a song that echoed graciously through the venue. Using distorted riffs coupled with looping pedals, the band ultimately pulled you into their dystopian-like world of fuzz and overdrive- I couldn’t get enough. Continuing with tracks such as, Buffalo, The Desert Song and closing with Concept, they sport a sound which is a force to be reckoned with.”

Little Indie

“The Manchester trio exude spiralling desert grooves, crunching stoner tones, and howling guitars in a heavy duty, psych landscape.”

Silent Radio

“Opening are Wigan based stoner rock trio Shallow Waters. The band, whose influences include political movements and social realism, let their lyrics reflect this as their music smacks of early Verve in places, channelling everything from hints of the psychedelic, to full on grunge, to desert rock. They are lapped up by the early gathered crowd who edge ever forward in curiosity. Their front man has an enviable voice and it’s easy to see why they are gathering attention and earning slots on bills like tonight’s.”

Louder Than War

“The evening began with a slow, forceful set by Shallow Waters. Their cool, bass-driven psych-rock with soaring, spacey vocals was a great start to the evening. From the first song Going Nowhere Fast to their final offering No Time To Die the set had an atmospheric shimmer about it. The sizzling slow-burner Stay was another highlight”